Who We Are: The Story of Uko and Jane Ukoh

After 10 years working for national retail pharmacy chains, Uko Ukoh decided he wanted practice pharmacy in the personalized way his college professors had taught.

As a retail-chain pharmacist, Uko observed several contrasts to his idealistic learning. One principle he'd learned was to personalize his relationships with his customers. Each patient presents with differing health needs and medical histories. Proper care, he learned, requires a good working relationship, one that can only be developed over time. As he continued to be transferred from store-to-store, this principle nagged at him. It seemed wrong to him that he was so often transferred just as he'd built rapport with his customers. He was concerned about the compromised care his customers received from such an impersonal approach.

Believing his customers deserved better, Uko left his retail pharmacist job to start MountainView, Marietta's and Greater Atlanta's most personalized and convenient pharmacy in the region.

Uko became a licensed pharmacist after attending the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. Prior to becoming licensed in 2004, He worked for 6 years as a Pharmacy Technician. Working alongside Uko, his wife and business partner, Jane serves as the Pharmacy Technician and manages the business operations. Along with being certified, the Ukohs have worked 10 combined years in retail pharmacies.

Above their education and experience, the Ukohs are passionate about helping people. Periodically, the couple holds health fairs for low-income families in most need of free expert medical advice.

With the Ukoh's expertise, experience and passion at your service, MountainView Pharmacy is equipped to give you the personalized, convenient service you deserve.

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